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Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
All our products from raw material to final delivery pass through:

1. IQC incoming sampling inspection
2. AI process inspection
3. SMT first intelligent inspection
4. SMT AOI inspection
5. DIP process inspection
6. DIP AOI inspection
7. Semi-finished product electrical test
8. IQC final product sampling
9. Assembly process inspection
10. Assembly initial test
11. Aging test
12. Common mode voltage test
13. High voltage leakage current test
14. Packaging integrated ATE test
15. CCD appearance automatic inspection
16. Secondary full appearance inspection 
17. Full inspection of intelligent scanning system
18. QA sampling
Total of 18 inspection procedures to ensure product quality
All of our products are developed in compliance with UL, CE and RoHS certification standards
All our products are guaranteed for one year
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